Dismantling the Dividing Walls: Working for Peace in Asia -Waseda University Peace Seminar-

Kano Sadahiko (Editor)



早大「平和学」ゼミの熱気を英語で! アジアの友人たちとどうつきあうか? 憲法をどう活かすか? 異文化理解・英語学習・副読本に最適。高校・大学・一般社会人,そして異国の友人に。

In the 21st century, wars between nations have been replaced by intra-state conflicts or hostilities involving groups of various types across national borders, reflecting advances in transportation and communications.

Waseda University Peace Seminar invited speakers active in working for peace in a range of fields to use their personal experiences to discuss how to dismantle the “dividing walls” between people that still lead to conflict today. Themes addressed in the lectures collected here include the roles of volunteer activities, the Constitution of Japan, human security, the mass media, and peace of mind in the individual.